The Genomics, Biotech and Emerging Medical Technologies Council (GBEMTI)


NAMCP and GBEMTI strives to be the recognized leader in bringing information to the forefront that positively impacts patient outcomes through the use of new technologies. We acknowledged a need in the managed care marketplace for a centralized entity to address emerging health technology evidence generation, reimbursement and patient access.


We continue to enhance the competency of all affected stakeholders and continue to broaden the awareness of new technologies that will impact patient outcomes.
GBEMTI was formed in 2010 to keep medical directors informed about innovative technologies entering the marketplace such as genetic testing & therapies, personalized medicine, targeted therapies, biologics, stem cells, biotechnology, medical devices, regenerative medicine, and new emerging medical technologies.

Executive Leadership Council (ELC)

GBEMTI is led by an Executive leadership Council which meet at the Spring and Fall Managed Care Forums. Each ELC consists of medical directors from health plans, provider systems and employer systems as well as corporate members that are vested in that specific space. The ELC Provides direction for the Council and some of the previous topics that have been discussed at the ELC meetings have been:

  • Aligning Evidence Development & Use in Managed Care Business Models
  • Impact of Affordable Care Act Changes and Fixed Sequestration on Managed Care Models
  • Breakthrough Therapies: Addressing Perceived Evidence Gaps for Early Submission
  • How to Address Orphan/Rare Specialty Populations
A full list of topics can be found as a part of the GBEMTI Executive Summary by  Clicking Here

Company & Product Presentations

This is a benefit that allows our corporate partners to give a 25-minute presentation on their company and their product (s) to everyone in the room – both medical directors and corporate members. Included in the 25 minutes will be some time to ask questions or have questions asked about your presentation from the audience and specifically the medical directors. We have room for four presentations during the Spring Managed Care Forum and another four slots at the Fall Managed Care Forum.
The next ELC will be meeting on April 16, 2020 in Orlando, FL! Contact Will Williams at to learn more!

NAMCP Medical Technologies Dossier Template© and the NAMCP Medical Diagnostics Dossier Template©

The NAMCP Medical Directors Institute has simultaneously released the NAMCP Medical Technologies Dossier Template© and the NAMCP Medical Diagnostics Dossier Template©, which provide medical directors and manufacturers with a dossier template formats for either medical devices or diagnostics that accounts for evidence-based development approaches and unique aspects of each of these technology types (instead of having to attempt to follow drug-based formats that are often not ideal for these types of health technologies).
NAMCP developed this format at the request of its membership because a consistent format for presenting information about medical devices and diagnostics hasn’t been made available to the managed care community. In response NAMCP has created this template to be a guide that is succinct, value-focused and reasonable for use without being overly burdensome to all parties. The purpose of this template is to provide medical directors with a guide, developed by a collaboration of medical directors and manufacturers, when creating a dossier for medical technologies or diagnostics to help standardize presentation of medical technology evidence to the managed care community.
Click on one of the following links to access the dossiers in PDF format:
Medical Technologies Dossier
Medical Diagnostics Dossier

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