Health Management Council

The Medical Directors Health Management Council of NAMCP promotes preventive management and assessments of health risk, develops tools for patients and physicians that will be used to monitor and manage chronic disease, and proactively promotes patients becoming active participants in their care using their physicians as consultants. The Health Management Council has two Centers:


Center for Prevention, Wellness and Lifestyle

  • Provide a resource center for standardization of preventive health guidelines
  • Provide resources and tools for medical directors and physicians
  • Promotes changes in lifestyle to prevent chronic diseases

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Center for Continuity of Care (Chronic Illness)

  • Provide tools for physicians and patients to efficiently monitor and manage chronic disease and improve health outcomes
  • Provide disease-specific resource centers for medical directors

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Oncology Council

The purpose of the Medical Directors Oncology Council is to provide increased and ongoing information and resources to medical directors from purchasers, health plans and provider systems about cancer. The Institute is led by an Executive Leadership Council of medical directors from purchasers, health plans and provider systems.

The NAMCP Medical Directors Oncology Council is becoming very active in the world of oncology. We have had conversations with COA, NCCN and ASCO on working with medical directors to improve communications and issues between oncologists, hospitals and medical directors.

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Genomics, Biotech and Emerging Medical Technologies Council

The goal of the Genomics, Biotech and Emerging Medical Technologies Council is to advocate the value of genomics, biotechnology and emerging medical technologies as these new modalities enter and impact the healthcare system, thereby improving patient outcomes, improving quality, and bringing value to the marketplace. Members of the Council include medical directors from purchasers, plans and provider systems.

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Value Based Care Council

NAMCP understands the changing landscape with regard to the delivery of healthcare is moving from traditional fee for service to more of a focus on value based care and all of the complexities therein. In that pharmaceuticals are the mainstay of the treatment plan or therapy for most medical conditions, the association made the decision to move forward with an initiative to work with Medical Directors and other stakeholders to improve medical outcomes through the more effective utilization of pharmaceuticals.

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