Expanding Options in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer: The Impact of Prognostic Biomarkers on Patient Outcomes

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Prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed non-cutaneous cancer in men in the United States (US) and remains the second leading cause of cancer deaths among American men, with an estimated 164,690 new cases diagnosed per year. After evaluating data on the annual spend, treatment decisions and outcomes of prostate cancer, healthcare professionals have determined there are several problems with the traditional diagnostic and clinical pathway. Traditionally, prostate cancer risk has been measured by PSA, Gleason score and stage, while diagnosis and treatment protocols have barely changed. This traditional evaluation doesn’t provide all of the necessary information to appropriately identify prostate cancer risk and accurately determine feasible treatment options. In addition, the most recent guidelines on prostate cancer, published by the National Comprehensive Cancer Network (NCC), state the necessary consideration of utilizing gene expression assays in men with low or favorable intermediate disease. Although clinical parameters such as the Gleason score remains the mainstay measurement for prostate cancer severity it does not measure cell proliferation, a critical trait of cancer. This presentation explores novel methods to the prostate cancer treatment paradigm by incorporating a collaborative care approach. This technique includes utilizing prognostic testing with updated gene assays to develop a more accurate diagnosis. Once diagnosis is established the appropriate treatment options can be determined while lowering the cost of care, and ultimately improving outcomes and patient quality of life.

Faculty: Henry Garlich
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