NAMCP Medical Directors Institute’s
“Value Based Care Council”
Executive Director: Michael A. Ford, RPh


Founding Charter Members:

Amgen Biotechnology Company
Boston Scientific – Advancing Science For Life
UCB – Inspired by Patients. Driven by Science.
Celgene – Committed to Improving the Lives of Patients Worldwide
Coherus Biosciences – Choice Without Compromise
Alliance Neurodiagnostics
Sandoz – A Novartis Division
Novartis Oncology

Council’s Mission:

NAMCP understands the changing landscape with regard to the delivery of healthcare is moving from traditional fee for service to more of a focus on value based care and all of the complexities therein.  In that pharmaceuticals are the mainstay of the treatment plan or therapy for most medical conditions, the association made the decision to move forward with an initiative to work with Medical Directors and other stakeholders to improve medical outcomes through the more effective utilization of pharmaceuticals.

<center>Finding Solutions</center>

Finding Solutions

The council works with Medical Directors to develop solutions, including, but not limited to standardized tools and resources to assist in the more effective extraction of pharmaceutical value so as to optimize medical outcomes.

<center>Triple AIM Goals</center>

Triple AIM Goals

The council is dedicated to assisting Medical Directors with the achievement of the Triple AIM goals of improved outcomes, improved patient satisfaction, and reduction of medical costs.

<center>Council Focus</center>

Council Focus

The focus of the council will be on pharmaceutical value, adherence and persistency, strategies and methodologies to effectively leverage value of pharmacy spend, and the critical components of pharmaceutical value based contracts. In addition, the council will explore and discuss other value based care landscape issues and develop projects such as analytical studies and white papers that drive better informed policy, coverage and healthcare delivery.


For more information, please contact NAMCP at 804-527-1905 or email