NAMCP Medical Directors Oncology Council
Director: Dawn Holcombe, President, DGH Consulting


Council’s Mission:

As a part of NAMCP, the Oncology Council was formed to improve communications, patient outcomes and management processes among all stakeholders from purchasers, health plans and provider systems as well as our corporate partners from pharmaceutical companies, medical device companies, medical testing companies etc.
We explore and overcome current oncology landscape issues and develop projects such as analytical studies and white papers that drive better informed policy, coverage and healthcare delivery.
The Oncology Council is very active in the world of oncology. We have had conversations with COA, NCCN and ASCO on working with medical directors to help bridge the gap between oncologists, hospitals and medical directors.
The Oncology Council is the premier source of healthcare landscape education and knowledge for our medical director members and corporate partners. Get involved today and stay fluent in industry trends around oncology.
<center>Resources for Patients</center>

Resources for Patients

Living with, through, and beyond cancer.
We have put together a list of links that are benefical to cancer patients, survivors and their care and support team.

<center>Resources for Medical Directors</center>

Resources for Medical Directors

We have put together a list of web links that are helpful to medical directors from Purchasers (Employer), Plans, and Provider Systems. These links will be useful in the management of oncology patients and developing benefits and medical policies in Oncology.

<center>Resources for Corporate Partners</center>

Resources for Corporate Partners

Learn more about Corporate Partnership, your benefits, important times and dates as well as current projects that are open for participation.


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